The largest volume of our work involves negotiating electric rates for commercial and industrial companies in Texas. This is by no means all that we do but does allow us the ability to work within the scope of energy savings in other value added services.

Among the additional consulting services we provide are:

– Demand Response
       Load Control
       Demand Control
– Predominant Use Studies
– Energy Saving Retrofits

If you would like assistance with shopping electric rates in Texas as well as shaving off as much as 2 cents kWh off of the rate that we negotiate we recommend you consider one of these additional services. We can determine which services will make the most economic sense for your commercial or industrial business. Depending on your electric usage you can recoup the initial investment in less then 4 months. Many of the programs allow you to pay back any electric infrastructure modification costs by deducting it from the savings on your energy without any initial investment.

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