Odessa Texas Commercial Electric Rates

by admin on January 8, 2009

When comparing Odessa Texas commercial electric rates you have to consider certain points about the commercial electricity rates you are quoted by the different Texas energy providers offering you their quotes and advice. Most energy providers in Odessa Texas will quote you the “energy only” portion of the commercial energy rate. This “energy only” part of the electric rate is not the entire rate. These electric companies are not trying to deceive you by leaving out a part of the rate, instead they are giving you the portion of the rate that can be compared with other energy company rates. Since most providers only quote the “energy only” part of the rate you need this number to compare accurately.

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Why Do Energy Companies Only Quote the “Energy Only” Rate?

The energy companies in Odessa Texas could quote you both the “energy only” part of the rate and the TDSP charges but this would only be an estimate. The only way to know what your TDSP charges will be is to pull your energy usage from the utility. In Odessa the utility pole and wires company is Oncor Electric Delivery. An energy provider will pull the electric usage from the utility in Odessa Texas in order to provide to you an accurate estimate on what your TDSP charges would be. They can then add the TDSP charges to the “energy only” electric rate to give you a total all in rate. The issue that occurs when using this number is that every electric company will estimate your TDSP charges a little differently. Some electric companies will even attempt to liberally estimate the TDSP charges much lower then what they will really be. The main point to consider when wondering if using an “All-in” electric rate is the best way to go when comparing electricity rates in Odessa is the concern that every electric company has a different estimate on TDSP charges.

In Depth Explanation Regarding TDSP Charges

Did you know that TDSP charges are non-negotiable? Since TDSP charges are non-negotiable and are passed through on your electric bill by the monopoly utility company you cannot do anything about this charge anyway. The TDSP charges cannot be negotiated lower and choosing the cheapest electric provider in Odessa still will not lower this portion of your bill. The “energy only” charge still remains the price to compare and the portion of your electric rate that can be lowered. Since it is only the “energy only” charge that can be negotiated lower, the TDSP charges are irrelevant in the comparison process and will only serve to confuse you when comparing energy providers electric rates with another Texas energy company.

To Conclude

We recommend comparing only the “energy only” part of the electric rate when receiving electricity rate quotes back from the energy companies in Odessa Texas. An energy consultant with Texas Commercial Energy can assist in putting your commercial or industrial businesses electric usage through a reverse auction process among multiple competitive electric companies. We will work down the electric rate to its lowest point and send the top 3 bids back in a detailed proposal. The proposal will have many different fixed rate terms to choose from along with a side by side apples to apples comparison matching up the electric companies rates. We can also provide more advanced electric rate choices which include MCPE and heat rate, and variable electric rate choices. As an example, we can create a Texas electric rate that uses the best of both worlds such as locking in natural gas (the energy commodity that creates the electricity at the power plant) while the price is low, have the summer months on a fixed electric rate and lock in the heat rate when it comes down in price. If you would like to begin the electric rate proposal process please fill out this form: Texas Energy Rate Proposal

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