Rock Wall Texas Energy Providers

by admin on January 6, 2009

Many Available Energy Choices in Rock Wall Texas

If you own a commercial or industrial business in Rock Wall Texas you have some choices when choosing an energy provider. There are over 50 different energy companies to choose in Rock Wall Texas and when comparing their energy prices you will discover that some energy companies rates are much lower then their competitors. The rates are not always clear and straightforward to the consumer and because of this there are some things to pay attention to when signing up on an energy plan. Some Rock Wall energy providers will take some of the charges out of the “energy only” portion of the rate and add it to the the TDSP section to make their retail electricity rate look better then it really is.

Unethical Tweaking of Energy Contracts and Prices

The reason an energy provider will extract a portion of the “energy only” rate to place it in the TDSP line item is due to the TDSP line item assumed by most to be non-negotiable and irrelevant when comparing energy prices. The TDSP charges are supposed to passed through on a one to one basis from the pole and wires company without any markup. When a Texas energy consumer assumes that the pole charges are passed through in this way they may not realize that a retail electric provider has attempted to make their electric rate look better by shifting some numbers around. The “energy only” part of the Rock Wall Texas electricity rate is supposed to be the negotiable part of the energy rate. When part of that rate is placed with the pole and wires charges it allows the energy provider to seemingly lower their electric rate to compete with other providers but what may be happening is a rate that is lowered in one area but high in another (pole and wires TDSP section).

Tricking Energy Consumers into Higher Electric Rates

Not all Texas energy companies trick their consumers into a high fixed electric rate in this way but there are still a few providers out there that do this and other practices to continually sign up new energy service customers in Rock Wall Texas. What we do to prevent this issue from happening is pull your historical electric usage. We then take a recent electric bill you may have and do a bill audit. We send out your historical electric usage to the Rock Wall Texas energy companies and have them bid on your electric usage. They come back with their best energy rate after a reverse auction process works the energy price down as low as we could negotiate the price down. At this point, “Texas Commercial Energy” sends back a detailed electricity rate proposal showing you your energy savings over the other energy providers in the proposal as well as your previous provider.

Energy Consultant Detailed Energy Price Review

A Rock Wall business can examine the electric rate proposal and pick the fixed rate or variable rate term they are wanting to go with as well as the company. We send back an executable contract the same day or we can refresh energy prices daily until the Rockwall company is ready to act on an updated electricity price. We keep these electricity rates refreshed and coming to the client until they have decideed on something. A seasoned professional energy consultant is available to answer questions related to the proposal, bill, electric usage, as well as terms and conditions in the energy contract. Your business may have also been quoted a too good to be true electric rate when comparing it to our proposal. We can audit the contract and look for areas in the contract and terms and conditions that are allowing for them to make their electricity rate look better then it really is.

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