Texas Power

by admin on December 30, 2008

About the Electric Company

Texas Power electric provider is a Texas based electric company that started out in Houston Texas primarily selling residential electric service. Texas Power also sells commercial energy in a small scale but nothing like their residential sales division. If you live in or around Houston or Dallas Texas you may very well have seen their catchy billboards with the two guys in blue shirts with the Texas Power logo showing the star. One is turning on a light with a light bulb cord and they both have these big goofy smiles. The appeal to Texas Power electric company is their easy to understand terms. They do not apologize for their one option electric service plan. There are no contracts or fixed terms. You simply sign up on a month to month electric rate plan that works to stay at a tolerable price level for as long as you are their customer. This type of rate is called a variable electric rate and so it is subject to change, up or down, with the power market.

Do they Also Sell Commercial Energy?

Texas Power also sells commercial energy but that has not been the main market they have targeted. Because Texas Power is limited in what they offer for commercial energy we do not recommend or use them when working with commercial businesses in obtaining a lower electric rate for their companies electric usage account. Texas Power appears to be a well run electric company with a good business model. This energy provider is just not the type of commercial electric provider we normally work with that allows for the most flexible terms and options when procuring fixed hedged energy prices that allow for other options such as blending with MCPE and heat factor.

Positives about Texas Power Energy Company

When choosing a company like Texas Power for residential energy there are some definite pluses. For many people who do not plan to be in their residence longer then a few months you may find that Texas Power offers the flexibility that you are looking for. Because you can sign up with this Texas energy provider without any type of commitment you can feel free to leave the energy contract the exact same time you move to a new location because you are under no monthly term commitment. Most electric companies in Texas do not offer the flexibility to leave an energy contract at anytime without notice without paying a hefty early termination penalty. Texas Power remains the strongest residential provider when it comes to no commitment short term residential energy service.

Learn more About Similar Energy Companies

Some other electric providers that offer shorter energy rate terms are with Spark Energy, Champion Energy, Startex Power, and for a renewable energy option, Green Mountain Energy. The energy company that has the most short term fixed rate offers are with Startex Power. Startex Power and Spark Energy have a variable electric rate that changes month to month that also allows you to get out without penalty at anytime. Startex Power’s variable rate is the best as they always disclose what the rate has done the last two previous months. This Texas energy company has been doing this since they started offering this type of rate. Because of the full disclosure of the history and track record of the Startex Energy variable electric rate we are recommending them for this type of energy product.

Update: At this time we are not recommending Startex Power anymore do to some changes in their business. We now offer an updated electric price comparison chart on the site for residential rate comparisons. Be sure to type in your zip code at the top right to check on current rates in your area.

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