Dallas Area Commercial Electricity

by admin on December 8, 2008

Finding the Best Commercial Energy Company

If you are a commercial business in the Dallas area and have just started a business or plan to open a commercial business in the near future you will need to begin thinking about your energy service needs. Natural gas is handled by the monopoly natural gas provider in your area although electric service is handled by about 50 different choices of electric service companies. Not all of these energy companies are reputable or have even been in business for more than a year. Some electric providers in the Dallas area have a reputation for legally cramming in additional charges without the customers approval while staying within the ERCOT rules of operation. We have filtered these electric companies out several years ago when a customer or two and ourselves were burned in some of these underhanded tactics. Our lawyers and other industrial and commercial companies legal teams have since worked out standard terms and conditions that are bent to favor the energy customer rather then the electric provider.

Commercial Energy Assistance and Consulting

Whether you are a new or old energy customer in Texas we can assist in procuring a discount commercial energy rate for your business. To begin shopping for a competitive electric rate in the Dallas area we need a form to be filled out. This form then needs to be faxed back to 1-903-484-9222. The form is called an LOA form or Letter of Authorization for the request of historical electric usage. This is an industry standard form and allows us to pull the historical electric usage from the utility.

Electric Usage Form

Download Now – LOA form Fax to 1-903-484-9222

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